Step is a fun and challenging cardio class using the step platform. Choreographed step patterns are broken down for both beginner and advanced steppers. This class finishes up with toning and abs. Whether your goal is to burn calories or that stubborn fat, our Step group fitness class will help you accomplish both.

Consider a Wynn Fitness Step class as your first step towards transforming your body. Fast foot movements on steps build stamina and burn fat through a series of routines. The resistance or challenge can be increased by adjusting the height of your step platform. The number of calories you’ll burn depends on how fast you move, step height, and length of your workout. Step is actually a whole-body workout, and it also strengthens your core. You will feel less fatigued due to high-energy music and working out with other friends in your class.

Step is like any other cardio exercise and reduces stress and promotes restful sleep. You can build your stamina without hurting you knees as this is a low-impact workout with minimal stress on knee joints. Within a few weeks, you will start noticing well toned legs and glutes as well as an overall great looking body.

Please arrive on time and let your instructor know if it’s your first time.


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